Orange Pekoe Tea Lemonade Spritzer Recipe

On days that cups of tea are way too warm, we love to create all kinds of iced tea recipes. This tea lemonade spritzer recipe was inspired by a trend from Asia that was made popular on TikTok. Originally, the trend was to let some teabags infuse in Sprite bottles overnight. The end result was a tea infused Sprite. 

Our take is almost as easy, and way quicker, as you do not need to let the black tea brew overnight.

Get ready to dive into a seriously refreshing drink! We like to call this tea recipe the Orange Pekoe Lemonade Spritzer– it's like a party for your taste buds! So, here's the scoop: the real magic happens before you even take a sip, since making this tea lemonade recipe is so fun and easy.

Fizzy Iced Tea

Ingredients to make a Black Tea Lemonade Spritzer

  • Orange Pekoe Tea in Loose Leaf or in Pyramid Tea Bags
  • Boiling water
  • Lemon and Lime slices to taste
  • Lots of ice cubes
  • Cold Sprite or 7up
  • Your favorite fruits or herbs

How to make your summer Tea Lemonade Spritzer

  1. Get that Orange Pekoe black tea steeping in boiling water and let it chill out aside. You can use either loose leaf tea or tea in pyramid tea bags. To make the tea leaves fully expand, let the tea brew for 10 minutes. We want a strong brew, since we later will dilute it.
  2. Grab your favorite tall glass, toss in some zesty lemon and lime slices. You can crush some off those lemons to get the lemon juice out. A refreshing drink calls for ice, so load it up with ice cubes – the more, the merrier.
  3. Once your tea's cooled down, pour it into the glass – easy does it! We want about one third glass of tea.
  4. Now, for the fun part: a splash of sprite on top. Let the fizz do its thing! Fill the tea glass with sprite up to the rim.
  5. All set! Now kick back, sip away, and soak up those awesome flavors. Cheers to a chill time! 🍹

    You can also scale this tea recipe to make a full pitcher and also add your favorite fruits or herbs. We have tried adding fresh mint leaves, and absolutely loved the result! The perfect fizzy drink for a hot summer day!

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